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The 'Centre for China Analysis and Strategy' (CCAS) is a non-profit and apolitical organization established initially for the objective study, research and analysis of developments relating to contemporary China and Tibet. It will focus on China's internal developments and politics, China's economy, China's armed forces, China's foreign and strategic policies and China's scientific and technological establishment.

The CCAS bases its studies primarily on material and reports in the Chinese and Tibetan languages. These are supplemented with inputs from other specialized published works, meetings with Chinese, Tibetan and other experts in India and abroad, and conferences and seminars related to China and Tibet. Such specialized study of contemporary China and Tibet that will be done by the Centre for China Analysis and Strategy (CCAS) is presently being done by probably no other institute in India and only a few others abroad.

It is expected that its reports, many of which will be specialized, will attract the attention of policy and decision makers in Government, politics and business and, in due course, influence government policy on China and Tibet and Tibetans. It to hopes to invite the attention of persons interested in foreign and strategic affairs and scholars of China and Tibet. The Centre for China Analysis and Strategy hopes to provide a useful and unique service to the public and the Government of India.

Mr Jayadeva Ranade, the Founding Trustee and Chief Executive of the CCAS is a person well versed in the study and analysis of China for over thirty years and has studied Mandarin in the JNU, Delhi and University of Hong Kong. He has prepared reports and briefs for the highest levels in the Government.

The CCAS intends to draw on the expertise and knowledge of persons with specialist knowledge of China and/or related subjects in its Council of Advisors. This Council will include personages like Shri Shyam Saran; Mr Kiran Karnik; Mr Ajai Vikram Singh IAS (Retd); Prof Srikanth Kondapalli; and Prof Ms Madhu Bhalla.

The CCAS includes among its objectives the development of interest among students of international relations in the study of China; grooming of China analysts; and promoting a real understanding about China among the Indian people.

Jayadeva Ranade
Centre for China Analysis and Strategy

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