The Implications and future of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

23 Apr 2019


Mr. Jayadeva Ranade stated that the BRI is in reality a geostrategic initiative coinciding with the flux in global geopolitics and an attempt by China to reshape the world order. He recalled that since 2008, China has made successive bids to place itself on par with the U.S., or to at least be recognised as its equal. He identified China’s proposed formulation of ‘a new type of big power relations’, which envisaged precisely that the U.S. and China would be joint arbitrators on global issues, as an example. Also, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s assertion at the 19th Party Congress in October 2017 that by 2049 – the 100th year of founding of the People’s Republic of China -- ‘China will be a major world power with pioneering global influence’. More recently on 3rd April, well-known Chinese academic and strategist Yan Xuetong said he hoped “that U.S. and China will work together to provide progressive leadership to the world”. 

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