The Politburo Standing Committee held a meeting on November 10 to "listen to the report on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and to study and deploy 20 measures to further optimize the prevention and control work". CCP CC General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the meeting and delivered an "important" speech. The meeting pointed out that at present, the covid virus is "still mutating, the global epidemic situation is still in an epidemic situation, and new domestic epidemics continue to appear. China is a country with a large population, with a large number of vulnerable groups, unbalanced regional development, and insufficient medical resources. The epidemic situation in some areas still has a certain scale. Affected by the mutation of the virus and climatic factors in winter and spring, the scope and scale of the epidemic may further expand. The prevention and control situation are still severe. It is necessary to maintain strategic focus and scientifically and accurately do a good job in epidemic prevention and control". The meeting emphasized that "it is necessary to fully, accurately, and fully implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, unswervingly adhere to the principle of people first and life first, unswervingly implement the general strategy of "foreign defence against imports, internal defence against rebound", and unswervingly implement "dynamic clearing". (Comment: The tenor of the Xinhua report appeared to be somewhat 'softer' than those earlier. It is likely that the authorities will start addressing some of the problematic issues but without abolishing 'zero-Covid'.)

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