Chinese President Xi Jinping met California Governor Gavin Newsom at the Great Hall of the
People in Beijing on the afternoon of October 25. The state-owned CCTV (October 25)
reported that 'Xi Jinping pointed out that China and the United States are the two largest
economies in the world. Their economic aggregate exceeds one-third of the world, their total
population accounts for nearly one-quarter of the world, and their bilateral trade volume
accounts for about one-fifth of the world. Their interests are closely intertwined. Sino-US
relations have developed to this day, and the results have been hard-won and deserve to be
cherished. China's policy toward the United States has always been to adhere to mutual respect,
peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation. China will continue to work in this direction
and hopes that the United States will work with China in the same direction'. It said 'Xi Jinping
happily recalled his visit to California and introduced China's green transformation and related
local development. Xi Jinping pointed out that to develop Sino-US relations well, it is
necessary to pool the strength of all parties. The foundation of Sino-US relations lies in the
people, hope lies in the people, the future lies in the youth, and vitality lies in the localities. I
attach great importance to and support exchanges from all walks of life and local cooperation
between China and the United States. I hope your visit will enhance mutual understanding
between the two sides and play a positive role in expanding cooperation between China and
California and promoting the healthy and stable development of Sino-US relations. China and
the United States have huge potential for cooperation in areas such as green development and
addressing climate change. The two sides can definitely strengthen cooperation in this area and
make it a new highlight in the development of Sino-US relations'.

Newsom replied that 'China has made extraordinary achievements in development over the
past few decades, especially in the field of new energy in recent years. There is no relationship
between any other country in the world that is more important than the relationship between
the United States and China. The relationship between the United States and China is related
to the future of the United States and the happiness of the people. Local exchanges are an
important part of U.S.-China relations. Historically, the Chinese have made important
contributions to the construction of California, and California has always been an important
gateway for the United States to cooperate with China. I agree with President Xi Jinping’s
principles that should be followed in developing U.S.-China relations, and I am willing to
follow the same spirit to promote California to strengthen exchanges and exchanges with China
and to intensify cooperation in areas such as climate change and new energy. California is
willing to be China's long-term, stable and strong partner'. Chinese Politburo member and
Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the meeting.
(Comment: Viewed together with Foreign Minister Wang Yi's scheduled meeting with U.S.
NSA Jake Sullivan and U.S. Secretary of State Blinken this week in Washington, Xi
Jinping's apparently conciliatory remarks make it appear that China is trying to lower tension
in the bilateral relationship. The removal of Defence Minister Li Shangfu also opens the way
for resumption of the suspended military to military contacts.)
ii) According to Beijing Daily, on October 26, Beijing Municipal Party Committee Secretary
Yin Li met California Governor Gavin Newsom and his delegation.

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